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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Changed My Life

As a medical technologist, I was not receptive to supplementation - felt that if I needed vitamins, my internist would order them. The only reason my good friend, Janey convinced me to take 3 Tbsp. Protein, 4 Vita-Lea and 9 Alfalfa a day was their guarantee to refund my money if I didn't feel better in 30 days. I really wasn't feeling that great.

When I started supplementation in 1976 my symptoms included: an irregular heart beat due to virus pneumonia in 1943, which damaged my heart wall (spent 1943-45 on complete bed rest); constant headaches, extreme fatigue, severe allergies, a bald spot four inches by two inches on the back of my head, eight breast tumors in eight years, abnormal Pap Smear, constant back pain due to an injury in 1949, bleeding eczema on my right palm, psoriasis on scalp and knees.

In two weeks my hand was healing (I thought from using Basic Cleaner); my headaches were going away; I could breathe through my nose; my energy level improved! Miracles were happening! I started researching the role nutrition played in our bodies. Shak became a way of life.

In 1981, M. Nasr, M.D. became our Internist/Cardiologist and prescribed mega-vitamin therapy. Last year I asked him how long I would have to take 15 Alfalfa, 2 Vita-E 400 I.U., 6 B-Complex, 2 Beta Carotene, 4 Cal. Magnesium, 6 Vita-C SR, 2 EPA, 3 Formula I, 3 Lecitin, 2 Vita-Lea, and 6 Tbsp. daily Instant Protein, and he replied, "How long do you want to feel good? When a body is as sick as your body was, you will need to take them for the rest of your life."

Another word of warning for those who feel that if they take supplements they won't get sick. This winter, I 'burned the candle at both ends', had another virus infection; put off going to the doctor. When I did, was shattered to find that there had been further damage to my heart, which we are now trying to rebuild.

So please, get prompt medical attention if you become ill - continue taking your supplements and the magic of Shak will be there to give you a healthier, happier life.

Joyce, WI

Products Used:
Cal. Magnesium
Vita C
Formula I
Vita-E 400 IU